We sent our oldest daughter at 11 (tentatively at first as she didn’t know any other kids there) as we thought that it would be a good springboard into the next phase of her life, enabling her make new friends from different parts of the country and to grow in her faith.

She came back having had ‘the best’ time, made some amazing friends and made a commitment to follow Jesus.  Now 16, she has been back every year since, with her younger brother and sister who each started going at 11. 

They love the camping, crazy games, camp traditions, surprise activities, water-sports, excursion, music and the teaching.  Led by a wonderful team of volunteers headed up by Matt and Catherine Rowe who act as surrogate parents and are very pastoral, wise, gifted and generally fab!  They have had many years of experience leading at Purbeck.

Purbeck Venture is firmly fixed on our calendar as the holiday not to be missed!

Is it no wonder that the pull of Purbeck draws many back year after year!  I would thoroughly recommend this camp, it really does tick all the right boxes!

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